Sandusky Serpents

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Proudly USA Captive Bred and Born

All of our animals are selectively bred to create beautiful, vibrant creatures. 

Terms Of Serviec

  •  Live arrival guarantee on all our shipments including amphibians. In the unfortunate or rare event of a DOA, you must contact us with a photograph and/or video of said animal within an hour of opening your shipment. In certain cases, we might have the animal shipped back to us at our expense. Credit will be given for a replacement or toward another order. Replacement shipping is covered by the buyer.

  • All non venomous shipments are shipped FedEx Express Priority Overnight.

  • Payments accepted: PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, money orders (overnighted with tracking number), or Bitcoin and other crypto currency which can be paid to

  •  All sales are FINAL. If you cancel prior to shipping there’s a 33% restocking fee. 

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